Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Events of an every day mom turned extraordinary

This weekend was Little Lady's first Canada Day. I had great plans of dressing her in red and white, watching her first fireworks, and putting temporary tatoos of maple leafs all over her cute little cheeks. Although it was a very eventful weekend these particular first-time-mommy-dreams were dashed. On Sunday we got a call at the cabin saying five inches of rain had fallen and everything back home was flooded! We rushed home to find that we were fine but many of our friends and family were facing rivers of water rushing across their basement floors. Instead of picnics we spent the day picking up pieces of furniture, helping our friends fill top floors with anything they could still salvage. At the end of the day we returned to the cabin and put Little Lady to sleep only moments before the sound of fireworks exploded through the house! Rather than wanting to watch them I worried they might wake her up. Not at all as I had imagined.

However these happenings got me thinking. Although this seems to be a disaster to are town, how small is it really on the world scale? There I was, moping that my perfect moments hadn't happened, when mothers across the world were probably grieving and acknowledging that those moments will NEVER happen. All in all I think Canada Day did exactly what it was meant to do. Made me proud and thankful to be a Canadian. I have been blessed.

Here are some magical moments that DID happen this weekend:
Little Lady's first boat ride and the first time she watched her daddy wakeboard
A visit from Alberta by my cousin and her husband
Having a home that's high and dry

As I watch my little girl and think of the world she will grow up in I know there are things I wish she wouldn't have to see that she will. I know she will experience disasters and I will wish that she didn't. But she is blessed to have been born here and I am blessed to have her. She is beautiful, bold, and of course in my eyes brilliant. The realization of these things has turned this ordinary weekend into extraordinary.

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nutmeg said...

A beautiful post! You are very wise for your age (yes, young enough to be my daughter!)