Tuesday, June 26, 2007

To "Larue" with all my love

When I was a little girl I fell in love with Anne of Green Gables. I wanted to be Diana, the dark haired boosum buddy of the bold and beautiful Anne. Why I didn't want to be Anne myself is a mystery other than the fact that I have always adored brunette beauty's. What I loved and longed for most however, was a "Boosum buddy" of my own.

As a grown up I got over Green Gables but that fierce desire for friendship never died. I was (and am) obsessed with the TV show "Friends". When they had their final finale I actually cried. But it wasn't because I would miss not seeing another new season, (although no other tv show has measured up so far) it was more because I wanted that bond. I wanted someone to tell it to me straight, to see me for myself, and always love me anyway. On the show the characters are constantly in conflict. They do stupid things, say silly stuff, and show both their worst and their best sides to each other. It's the trials, the fights, the bluntness of admitting their shortfalls that makes them the strongest kind of friends. That's what I wanted.

At the time "Friends" was taken off the air I was without that kind of friendship. I had lost touch with the only girl who had ever been that to me. I ached for her for almost five years. Hardly a day went by that I didn't wonder about her and what had went wrong between us. I now have that friendship back and I feel so incredibly blessed.

It is rare that one finds someone who allows them to be raw. To show every side. To laugh and cry with. To call you on it when you're being crazy. To listen to you vent even if it's stupid. Someone who knows you in the good the bad and the ugly, and who loves you unconditionally anyway. A relationship that goes both ways, on any day, despite any differences. Kellie is that friend for me. She is my beautiful, bold, red head friend (she even died her hair green once! ;o)) She is the epitome of my child hood dreams and one of the greatest gifts I've recieve as a grown up. Thank you, Larue, for loving me.

As I cherish this treasure I can't help but wonder....Will my daughter experience the same? Oh how I wish for her the wonder of having someone know you inside out, your past and your present, an incredible girlfriend to gab with, giggle with, and grow with. Is that little girl out there? Will my daughter have someone to dye her hair with, dream about the future with, dress up for dances, and take tea with? Will she share all her secrets, whisper all her wishes, and plan their perfect weddings? I certainly hope so. I can't think of a better gift for my little girl. So future friend if you are out there, thank you for loving my daughter and for following in the footsteps of my forever friend Larue.

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Selah said...

thank you so much for all that you are!
I love you