Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thirteen reasons why I know a girls night is WAY over due...

1) In the past two months my husband has been out golfing at least ten times with the guys....I have been out two hours with another girl (not including my daughter) in the last ten months.

2) The last chick flick I saw in the theater without a man around to mock certain scenes was probably Blue Crush...if that even qualifies as a chick flick...about 5 to 6 years ago.

3) As hard as he tries, my husband simply can not pull off an even close to perfect pedicure.

4) Gossiping with the girls consists of telling my daughter "Did you see samantha's sleeper? Totally last season!" And her starring back at me blankly.

5) My hands...although not looking altogether manly...are in such desperate need of a manicure that they could easily star in a horror movie.

6) My biggest outing alone in the past year has been to get my hair cut. Two hours of sheer bliss...except for the fact that it's a necessity and therefore nixt on the list of leisurly ways to spend an afternoon.

7) Although my husband will occasionaly take a cup of tea with me his comes in a mug not a tea cup and he refuses to wear a suit or eat scones. What kind of tea party is it when the guests either drink from a sippy cup or sit on the couch in their sweats?

8) The closest my husband has ever come to a wardrobe make over is when I bought him a new pair of boxers. Shopping with him (pretty much the only shopping I've done since the arrival of Little Lady) consists of speed walking through three stores and then him saying it's time to go home.

9) Although Little Lady ADORES my make-up and would love to wear it (she squeals the second she sees it and is particularily attracted to mascara for some strange reason) I just don't feel right about make-ing over an already model baby. Besides...I doubt I could leave the house if I let her lose on my own face.

10) The closest I've come to a facial in the past year is puke on my face

11) My last three new necklaces have been ripped right off by little baby fists and I only recently started wearing rings again because hands don't spend their days in a jewlers show case. Dirty diapers just aren't great for diamonds.

12) Everything I wear has to be puke proof, bleachable and have easy boob acess.

13) Nobody understands the need for chocolate like another woman. And even though Little Lady goes into hyperdrive every time it's around I just don't think she's fair so well with Truth or Dare Fondue.


Evan and Mel said...

I totally understand how you feel. The closest I get to a girls day out is either talking with other moms at the park or going to work and serving other women who are out on dates.
Wish I was still in Manitoba, we could hit the town together.

Lara said...

You DO need a girls' night! Can you schedule one??