Monday, June 4, 2007

An ode to my handsome husband...

Before I met my husband I had given up in the "fairy tale" romance. Always a romantic I felt those dreams had been dashed and Prince Charming didn't really exist. I was wrong. He does, and he's now my husband.

From the moment he swept me off my feet at a football game, to asking me out by having a play written for me, to proposing with a poem and making it snow in the middle of July...he was and is my dream guy. However, when we had our daughter some of those "romantic" things got set aside as we got caught up in the day to day of being a family of three and realizing we are no longer exactly newlyweds.

Yesterday though he reminded me again that a marriage can still be amazing even after kids. Although not traditionally romantic, the things he has done for me in the past two days have blown me away and made me fall in love all over again.

Last week, as I mentioned, my daughter had the flu and it was pretty miserable. I spent an entire week cooped up at home being covered in puke and poop and feeling stressed and a little alone. Prince Charming had a busy week at work and so on top of working late and going golfing with the guys he didn't have a lot of energy to help out when he was home. But yesterday I got the flu and my knight in shining armour saved the day. We were away for the weekend and he took care of all the paking up. Then when we got hoome he sent me to lay down and cleaned up all our stuff from the weekend which I usually do. On top of that he took care of Little Lady, bathed her, changed her, and got her ready for bed. Generally I do those things or we at least do them together. After I had nursed her I went to put her in her crib but for some reason she wasn't tired and wanted to be picked up.

This is where he really melted my heart.

He knew that 1) I was to tired and sick to stay up with her 2) I because I was tired and sick listening to her cry would stress me out. He comes from the school of thought that if she cries we should just let her cry it out but I have a hard time with that even on a good day. When I am sick and emotional it's even worse. So you know what he did?

He stood by her crib for half an hour holding her hand and soothing her til she got sleepy and fell asleep! We have a video monitor so I could watch the whole thing from bed and it was heart stopping. He would say "It's okay, Daddy's here." and she would smile up at him and squeze his hand! Then he would rub her tummy and help her hold her dolly. She didn't cry once. It was incredible. I can't even put it into words. It completely sent me head over heels for him!

Not only that but when I woke up puking in the night he was there to rub my back and even take out the trash. Then this morning, despite the fact that he would be busy at work, he stayed hom an extra couple hours to make sure I got enough sleep before having to take care of Little Lady again.

Now it may not be romantic by a single persons standards, but I have never felt more romanced or loved in my life. So thank you baby! You truly are my knight in shining armour!

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Erika said...

It sounds pretty amazing to me, hope that you feel better soon. How is Alliana doing? I think that the counter thing on my blog is a little off too, but because I am not 100% sure of my date i am just leaving it for now. Only 10 days till I know the exact date, yay! Oh and I love your blog, you are one gifted writer.