Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The good, the bad, and the ugly

This post has been inspired by my incredible cousin Erika and her husband Tim who's blog's never cease to entertain me. Somehow they make the mundane of life so amusing that I continually check to see if they have added another anecdote. I do not have their gift for wit but some things about my day stuck out today and so I have decided to share.
The good: We all seem to FINALLY be over the flu around here, it was sunny today, and I got a bunch of new clothes!
The bad: I had allergy testing done today and was poked with 80 needles (or "sharp sticks" as the nurse called them...Lady, it doesn't matter how you put it, you're still poking me with a pin and it hurts!). I found out I am allergic to a lot of things and severely allergic to several.
The ugly: My arms. They now look like I am either a crack addict or have the chicken pox....Actually it's rather funny!
The Ironic: I found out I am SEVERELY allergic to cats. The one and only kitten I ever owned died a day after I got it because I had to put it outside because someone came over who was severely allergic to cats.....It got eaten by my brothers dog......I found out I am also fairly allergic to dogs.
The Strange: I started thinking about death today because of a silly facebook quiz thing I did about my obituary. Apparently I die at midnight with a smirk on my face and be most missed by an easy bake oven. I don't mind the smirk thing but I hope my husband misses me more than my oven...even if I am senile enough by then to cook with an easy bake. Plus, I really don't want to die at midnight. If it's alright by God I would like to die on a nice sunny day (sometime in the afternoon perferably) with my husband by my side holding my hand. I've always been very dramatic but I feel I would like a quiet sunny death. I know, strange thought pattern.
The things that are "just my luck": I didn't know what four of the things I am severely allergic to were. They are very big words and the doctor didn't make any sense when she explained them so I looked them up online. Here are a few of the sentences used to explain them:
"There is really no way to get away from it. It can live almost anywhere"
"some of the most common indoor and outdoor moulds" (question: Is there any other place BESIDES indoor or outdoor?)
"extremely abundant in outdoor air" (greeaat)
"found in almost all oxygen-rich environments" (this one really made me laugh! Does this mean I have to move to the moon?)
"symptoms include fever, cough, chest pain or breathlessness, which also occur in many other illnesses so diagnosis can be difficult."
"A major component in Asian alcohol" (I guess I won't be drinking in Japan any time soon)

Here's to always having umbrella moments!

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Erika said...

That allergy thing is hilarious, poor thing that must have sucked. Loved the update of all the things going on.