Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I do not generally allow myself the opporunity to listen to Cosmo radio. Neither do I normally find it stimulating or even somewhat entertaining. However, yesterday I spent five hours driving alone with a nine month old and after even an hour of silly songs like "I lost the tooth I lost" or "Mamma won't you tickle my ticklish toes" your sanity begins to slip away. So I began searching the stations for something more mature. Having previously been a DJ they do capture my attention more than they would otherwise. I wouldn't normally waste my time on Cosmo as I find it rather sleezy but that particular DJ sounded interesting. As I was listening she began to talk about DILK's. My initial reaction? "I have a baby in the car! What kind of erotic stuff are you exposing her to!??"
Thankfully my mother guilt was relieved a moment later when the DJ explained DILKs stands for "Dad I'd Like To Kiss." Yesterday they were voting between Brad Pitt and Mark Walberg. Personally I'd pick Mr. Pitt out of the two but it got me thinking about the dad I REALLY want to be kissing. So in honour of Father's Day this post is dedicated to the very handsome DILK in my life and a few of the reasons why he warrants that title.
1) When I was pregnant he bought me the best ice creams and even morning sickness lollipops even though they really weren't in the budget. Once he even searched the city for over an hour for an open ice cream parlour because that is what I craved! (I felt like the girl in the old DQ commercials!)
2) How many dads do you know who go dress shopping for their wives? And not only that but actually have designer taste and do it as a surprise? (You should have seen those store clerks swoon over him the next time we went in together!) Even though I constantly worried about weight gain he thought I looked gorgeous pregnant.
3) He held my hair back and didn't even complain once about my constant morning (and afternoon and evening) sickness. He also rented me old movies, made me put my feet up, and didn't complain when meals weren't cooked or the house wasn't clean. All he cared about was me and the baby making it full term.
4) Even though he would rather watch hockey he usually watches my shows with me. When we rent a movie for an evening in, I usually get to pick because he knows I'm a big baby and get nightmares from the movies he would rather watch. This let's me know he'll be alright with taking our kids to cartoon movies for the next ten years.
5) When we watched the birthing video in prenatal he turned to me and said very seriously "I'm so sorry!"
6) Right after my daughter was born, dried off, and wrapped up he put a little gift box on her chest and brought her over. Inside the box was a beautiful silver necklace on a delicate chain. There is three interlocking circles, a large one for him, a medium one for me, and a small diamond one in the middle to represent our daughter.
7) He makes his girls giggle. For Little Lady all it takes is a shoulder ride or a silly dance, for me it's the way he bursts into song or comes up with strange lines out of the blue.
8) He had me hire a cleaner for a few weeks after Little Lady's birth and while I was on bed rest during pregnancy because he knew I couldn't handle a mess and he wanted me focused on her health and mine.
9) For my first mothers day he found me a piece for my antique china set called "First Love". Almost impossible to find.
10) As soon as he's home from work all he wants to do is hold Little Lady. He hangs her upside down, tickles her tummy, and plays hide and seak. He'll rock her and sing to her and cover her in kisses. No little girl has been more loved and I feel secure in this fact knowing that she'll grow up to be a more confident woman because of it.

He is sexy, sweet, and sentimental. Who wouldn't want to make out with a man like that? I'm calling Cosmo and telling them they are asking about the wrong DILK. Move over Brad you don't stand a chance, Prince Charming has my vote!

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Lara said...

Wow - sounds like you have a fabulous guy!!