Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Crafty Christmas

Christmas is creeping up quickly and it's time to start planning the perfect presents. This year Prince Charming and I decided to do the crafty, creative thing and make as many gifts as possible. Some gifts for the kids won't be but we decided that for others and for each other they had to be made, or at least personalized or homemade. In other words they don't have to be handmade by us specifically. Prince Charming negotiated this little exception since he's not especially crafty. So for example, items with photos on them are personalized so they count as do things bought at craft shows, items that are engraved, etc.
So since being creative requires more time than a trip to the mall I need to get cracking. Anyone have any ideas for gifts?
All I keep thinking about is the episode of friends where Chandler and Monica are supposed to make each other's valentine gifts and Monica steals Phoebe's sock puppet and Chandler comes up with crotchless panties....
I keep hearing Monica's frantic voice in the back of my mind...."MAKE the presents! MAKE the presents!"

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Steph said...

Good luck on that one Carissa, I'm not a crafty person either so that would be tough. Picture gifts are great though.