Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Been a long time...

I just realized it's been almost a month since I last posted! So much has been going on but my mind has been almost as exhausted as my body and I haven't managed to make up anything very post worthy. Here is a brief update on us anyway:
-In between baby preparations of setting up a nursery, stocking my fridge, and scrubbing my house we were also shopping for and bought a brand new vehicle to accommodate baby and also to get rid of our car before it completely fell apart on us. I found vehicle shopping extremely stressful and am relieved to be done with this particular purchase. I am also extremely grateful for the vehicle we ended up with and thankful for the incredible deal we were able to get.
-The baby, like Spring around here, keeps pretending to come but refuses to actually show up. For the last month I have had contractions, pressure, and extreme pelvic and hip pain that keeps me awake many nights and has resulted in my body being completely worn out and exhausted. I had many false starts to labour with my daughter as well but I didn't have the pelvic pain or the third trimester feeling sick which are both almost unbearable at times. I have found this extremely frustrating.
-I have also been busy with my involvement in the start up of a new youth drop in center in my home town. This is a project I am extremely passionate about and I have enjoyed sitting on this board immensely.
-Little Lady has been a little more whiny and clingy lately and I think at last she is beginning to catch on that soon she will not be our only baby. Recently she said that her Nanna and Pappa could keep the baby in it's car seat once it was born and we could keep her. She is still generally very excited about baby's arrival but seems to need our reassurance about our relationship with her quite often. As a result I have tried to do at least one thing almost every day that is special, totally focused, just Little Lady and mommy time. Often it's a craft because she LOVES to do anything artistic but sometimes it's cooking, shopping or a walk to the park. Sometimes we make a tent in the living room or snuggle up to watch a movie. She seems to really soak up these moments and I'm hoping it will help her adjust.
-Little Lady is also learning new things at lightening speed. We recently discovered she knows her right from her left, her birthday, and is catching on to the days of the week. She also knows many of her letters as far as recognizing and even writing a few of them. Sometimes I feel like my little baby just disappeared one night.
-Prince Charming and I were able to spend a weekend just the two of us recently including a nights stay at the hotel where we spent our first night together. We also went out to eat and saw two movies in the theatre, things we will not be able to do for quite awhile after baby arrives.
-I scored two beautiful brunches for mother's day and was truly pampered. Little Lady somehow got the idea that she wanted to buy me a purple purse for mothers day and insisted her and daddy scour the mall for one. I probably won't get a lot of use out of the one she picked...being that it's plastic and has a sesame street character on it :o)....but I was so impressed that she thought of a gift all by herself!
That is just a quick glimpse into our lives lately. I'm sure I'll write more again soon but my brain really hardly functions for the moment.


Stephanie said...

Only 15 days to go (approximately)! Wow! I can't wait to "meet" your little one. Do you think you'll post pictures on your blog when he/she arrives? :)

Chelsa said...

yes we are going on the cruise for my brother's graduation! we are going to the caymen islands :)