Friday, February 6, 2009

About Me....

So people keep putting my name on these note things so I figured I'd fill it out on my blog instead of on facebook. Actually, normally I wouldn't take the time to do these at all but since I'm lying in bed sick...AGAIN...I figured there wasn't a lot of other ways to fill my time.

One Word Answers

One word answer...Type only ONE word answers.
Where is your cell phone?....... bed
Your hair? ..........head
Your father? ........home....oh wait...are these not all supposed to be "where" answers? lol
Your favorite thing?
Your dream last night?......scary
Your favorite drink? ..........silver cloud
Your dream/goal? ...........actress/teacher
The room you are in? ......bedroom
Your fear? ......... alone
Where do you want to be in 6 years? ..... beach
Muffins? .............Saskatoon
One of your wish list items?
Where you grew up?.......everywhere
The last thing you did?
What are you wearing?.......clothes
Your TV?..........non-existent
Your pets? ..........none
Your computer? .....downstairs
Your life? ....blessed
Your mood? .........ho-hum
Missing someone? .......Erika
Your car? .......old
Favorite store?....All
Your summer?
Your favorite color?
When is the last time you laughed? ......night
Last time you cried?
Three people who email me? ....husband,sobeys, superstore
Three of my favorite foods? .......chips,Italian, berries
Three places I would rather be right now? .....California, Hawaii, Bahamas

25 Random Things About Me
Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.
1. I hate cats
2. I detest body hair but don't have the time or money to keep removing all of it. If I did I would have a body like my daughters.
3. In my fantasy world I would have a spa in my house and have treatments done daily. As it is I can't even keep nail-polish on my nails.
4. I adore music. My i-pod has playlists that include everything from alternative to classical, country to rap, and even some completely random non-category music. I have kids playlists, funny mood playlists, and even have one for funeral songs. I express my emotions best through music.
5. On Valentine's Day it will be 5 years since I married my amazing husband. I can honestly say I am more in love today than even then.
6. This past January 22nd it was 6 years since my husband asked me to be his girlfriend by writing a play that he had my theatre director have our troupe perform.
7. I (almost) believe in love at first sight and definitely believe in love at first "meet". The first time I actually met my was magic.
8. Sometimes I think I have a movie romance.
9. I adore a good romantic movie. I have a personal goal of collecting as many as possible. I am working on watching all the classics. My favourite TV series' is Friends and Full House. I have all of friends and am working on Full House. I can't wait til my daughter is old enough to watch Mary Kate and Ashley movies with me so I have an excuse for my weakness!
10. I love to bake and decorate cakes
11. I have been to every province and territory in Canada except for Newfoundland and Nunavut. I have been to about 27 states(pretty much all the middle ones and almost none of the East or West coast), Alaska and Hawaii. I have been to the Dominican, Belize, Italy, Germany, Sicily, Greece, Crete, and Turkey.
12. My favourite chips are plain old regular chips. They are my biggest food craving weakness. I could probably live off of regular chips, crackers, cheese, popcorn, and berries. With the occasional pizza, Ceasar salad, and decadent dessert thrown in!
13. I have a serious fear of popping balloons. I don't even like to let my daughter have them to play with. I think it stems from my fear of guns. They are also a terrible choking hazard.
14. I adore my husband and kids. They are my whole life. I can pretty much never get enough quality time. It's my biggest love language.
15. Even with friends, I'd rather be one on one having quality time than hanging out in a big group.
16. I am extremely sensitive and internalize everything. I can't watch movies (or tv or commercials) with violence. I detest hunting or killing anything. I cry in most movies, even the occasional disney. I even cry for sappy commercials. I used to want to be a counsellor but I usually cry over other people's problems too and just found it way to emotionally draining to do that all day everyday.
17. I love to scrapbook but never have time.
18. In high school I once vacuumed my bedroom 12 times in one night. I used to be quite obsessive compulsive but since getting married and having kids I just don't have the energy anymore! I still am a neat freak internally and in my fantasy world I would have a maid who cleaned 24-7.
19. ....She would also cook. I love baking but basically hate cooking.
20. I am a shopaholic. In my fantasy world I would have lots of money to buy all the things I wanted all the time. In my fantasy world I would likely wear a lot of Valentino.
21. I love working with teenagers. In fact, usually the more crazy they seem to other people the more I love them. Sometimes when I see teenagers walking down the street in their hoodies and black hair and everything I just want to jump out of my car and go hug them.
22. My church is my re-fueling point every week. I wouldn't make it without their support and the grace of God.
23. I am a complete girly girl. Flowers make me swoon and totally brighten my day. Gifts of jewelry make me cry (happy tears). And a box of chocolates makes me very very happy.
24. I hate being pregnant but LOVE my children. I have miserable pregnancy's and will probably not do it again. When I was delivering my daughter I actually screamed at the nurse, "Anyone who does this more than once is STUPID!" Lol.....
25. The craziest and most out of character things I have ever done include the following: Collecting Chicken eggs, going crocodile hunting in the pitch dark, and deep sea fishing.


The Dolskys said...

I miss you too! We should book a phone date

Stephanie said...

Hey there, Carissa! I loved learning more about you!

I, too, hate being pregnant. But the result is so overwhelmingly marvelous, isn't it?

What is "birth" like in Canada anyway? Do most people deliver at hospitals, birth centers, or at home? Are natural childbirths more common...or epidurals? What is your plan for this pregnancy?

I'm expecting baby #2 in 5 weeks and am planning to deliver at a local birth center.

Mom of a munchkin said...

Hey Steph,
I can't find your blog anywhere or an e-mail address so I am not sure how to respond to you about the birth question. Let me know?