Thursday, January 8, 2009

Imagination Station

For the last week I have had to be very careful where I walk. It's not only to avoid the squeaking floor boards in this ancient rental either. I have to keep my ears open for instructions just in case I accidentally stumble on the exact spot where a certain small pet has been placed. No, we haven't suddenly gone back on our word and or changed our ways and become pet people. Well not yet anyway. It seems Little Lady has a love for pets despite our incredible dislike and has adopted herself an imaginary one since we refuse to allow the real article.

However, I actually wouldn't mind the real version of the playmate Little Lady has imagined. Her choice of pet? A caterpillar! Yup, that's right. She could have picked anything considering imaginary pets are hypo-allergenic, completely mess free, and oh yes...IMAGINARY.... but she picks a teeny tiny Caterpillar!

His (or her , I'm not entirely sure on the caterpillar's have genders?) name is Dofey (no idea where this came from but we think because she recently picked up a fascination with the name Dave (know idea why since she knows none) and her daddy mentioned the German version pronounced "dofe"). I often hear "No Dofey" or "Time to wake up Dofey", etc. Basically Dofey crawls around and appears whenever Little Lady desires, usually to carry out parts of her day. I really have no idea where she came up with this idea but since she can concoct all sorts of stories already nothing is very surprising to me anymore.

I always thought imaginary friends started closer to age did fictional stories about people or places. No idea how long "Dofey" will last but for now I am stepping softly.....

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