Sunday, November 2, 2008

Secret Stash

I thought it was time to share a sweet little Prince Charming story. It's been awhile, and really he deserves a lot more publicity because he really IS Prince Charming.

As many of you know, pregnancy does not agree with me. I am nauseous, exhausted, and acne prone. Basically making babies is for my body what plastic surgery was for Goldie Hawn...not pretty. Anyway, a unique occurrence in this pregnancy is precise and practically crazy cravings. Sure I had a few with Little Lady...but nothing like the night and day craziness accompanying Baby Number 2.

Now we live in a very small town...the kind that almost literally rolls up the sidewalks at six o'clock. Stores open 'til 8 are a rarity as well as a real headline. In other words, a commonly exciting conversation in this small town might include the line "Hey did you hear Fine Foods will be open 'til 8 over the summer!?" Needless to say it is next to impossible to satisfy cravings when there is nothing open within a two hour radius.

Unless you are married to Prince Charming. Three times in the last week when I have complained of cravings after eight he has slyly stated, "I'll run up town right now"...disappeared into the garage...and came back with his hands full of my current favourite food. How he does it I do not know since he refuses to let me in on his means. All I know is that somewhere in my garage my amazingly perceptive husband has a secret stash of commonly craved items just waiting for the whims of his wife.

I am one blessed baby making mommy!

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