Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Miss Potatoe Head

For Little Lady's second birthday she recieved a Mrs. Potatoe Head from a friend. This morning it was made apparent that she may have picked up a thing or two from this tator tot. She decided that since Mrs. Potatoe head can leave her limbs lying can she.

We are in the washroom shortly after waking up, performing our normal morning grooming ritual. Little Lady who is in love with lipstick and all other forms of make-up is digging through a tube of chapstick I gave her, upset that there is no colour...which is percisely the reason I presented her with this particular tube. After continually asking her not to smear shiny chapstick all over herself in an attempt to find colour, the following conversation insued:

Me: What did mommy say?
Little Lady: Mommy said no
Me: That's right. Can you listen to mommy?
Little Lady makes no immediate reply

One minute later

Me: Little Lady what did mommy JUST say? Don't you have ears?
Little Lady: Yes
Me: Well you should use them. Where are they?
Little Lady: In my bedroom

Apparently I didn't read the package during pregnancy...."Some assembly required."

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Rayna said...

LOL - that's great!