Monday, March 10, 2008

A new beginning

I love this time of year. A change of seasons is just about to show up around the corner and every once in awhile you catch a sneak peak. Spring speaks of a fresh, exciting, new start. I look forward to all the changes it will bring. Like not having to bundle up my baby every time I step outside for two seconds, basking in the sunshine filled backyard, barbeques, long weekends at our cabin on the lake, and waltzing out for a nice long walk whenever the mood strikes. However, it appears that this Spring is bringing a few new beginnings that our somewhat surprising.

The first is that this morning, for the first time in her little life, my Little Lady is still asleep at 9:20! This feels like a miracle for me. I was able to shower, dress, get ready, and do my morning chores all without a tiny toddler tagging along. Oh the freedom! Of course I am not crossing my fingers that this will become a habit, but it has been a beautiful break!

The second is that I am starting a new career! I recently became an Educational Consultant for Discovery Toys! I used to think that a toy was just a toy. As long as it had nice colours and no sharp corners it was great. My views have changed since becoming a parent. Now I wonder whether this toy is actually safe (think lead poisoning scares), what this toy is teaching, and is it actually age appropraite. I sit on the floor with my daughter searching my brain for creative ideas on how to play with her and teach her new skills at the same time. These are the things that lead me to Discovery Toys.

Discovery Toys is an educational toy company that helps your children develop skills in math, reading, and many other areas as well as helping them with developmental milestones such as independent or pretend play. Their products come with a lifetime guarantee which means that if your child if rough with the toy and breaks it, even years after buying, you simply send it back and get a new one. They also have an extremely strict safety policy and test BEYOND the standards required by the Canadian government (They also sell toys in the states but I am unaware of their safety testing protocol there). Costumer service is something they take pride in, so if you order a toy and find it isn't what you thought after it arrives, simply send it back for a full refund. Their toys can all be broken down into categories and cross referenced by educational skill, age appropriatness, developmental skill, and by the type of learner (ex. Auditory), making it easier to find the right toy. Discovery Toys works with the Autism society and with other groups that support children with disabilities to make toys that will help develop the skills that children with these disabilities most often will have trouble with. On top of all this, they also ship right to you (anywhere in Canada if you are ordering from me and anywhere in the States if you are ordering from an American Educational Consultant). Saving you the hassle of having to bring your baby to the mall or tote around a bunch of tired kids through toy stores.

I am so excited to be starting something new and to have found a career that I can do from home and on my own time. I'm also excited about finding safe, educational, interactive, reasonably priced toys for my Little Lady without even having to leave my house.

Please feel free to check out their website at and contact me with any questions or comments. If you are one of my Canadian readers you can place an order through me by sending me an e-mail at .

Hope you are all looking ahead to an exciting Spring!

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Stephanie said...

Congrats on your new "position" with Discovery Toys!

I enjoyed reading your soliloquy about spring. It's my favorite time of year!