Monday, December 10, 2007

A toast to tinkle...signs of progress

I have missed my blogging buddies. I've been away from the blogosphere lately...mostly for lack of energy enough to come up with anything creative or worth while to write. However, I have not abandoned my blog...on occasion I look at it longingly or do a several second shuffle through the writings of my favourite blog friends. Just because I can't comment doesn't mean your work has not been meaningful, amusing, or masterful in my mind. They are all these things and more.

My shortage of sleep and the rest that should generally ensue from it is directly related to the aftershock of weaning Little Lady. It's been about three weeks now since we said goodbye to breast-feeding, but until today I was beginning to feel utterly hopeless that we would ever get over the effects. When I weaned her from my breast she began waking more during the night, opening her eyes for the day LONG before dawn, and saying no to naps. Half and hour of a day time break has felt like heaven. She is still her sweet self for the most part. Full of huge hugs and cute kisses, sometimes fifteen in only a few minutes. She is still affectionate and adorable. However she is now obsessed with touching (and looking at) my breasts, is more prone to tantrums, and has COMPLETELY stopped toilet training! I used to be the only one who could put her to sleep quietly. We would cuddle and read and bond while she snuggled at my breast. Now I'm the only one who CAN'T put her to sleep without a screaming fit...and I feel a deep sense of loss and longing for the "good old days". In short, the weaning thing has been a significant struggle around here and I was about to abandon the thought of us ever having a "normal" life again.

Until this morning. Three weeks ago Little Lady was in panties and loving it. Since being broken of the breast habit she has refused to even SIT on the toilet, never mind make anything in it. But today she did it! This morning, after awaking at her now usual outlandishly early time, I slipped off her sleeper and tried once more to get her to sit on the toilet. She didn't complain a bit and within seconds of seating herself comfortably....she sprinkled! Even she was impressed with her progress, smiling and pointing proudly.

I'm aware that toilet tales are not the most terrific to read. But today's potty incident was more about putting the past in it's place and getting over the big disappointments. I guess that's mother-hood for you....finding hope in a toilet flush. So here's a toast to tinkle...may there be many more signs of moving on!


Jodi said...

I'm so jealous. Michael is older and and has no interest whatsoever.

Stephanie said...

What a great milestone! I'm wishing you peace and sleep this holiday season. Merry Christmas...

Rayna said...

Weaning Rhys was difficult for me as well and it took a few weeks for us to get to normal and him to get back into routine. He didn't have the potty training thing to go back on though - still doesn't really want to use the potty.
Once I weaned Rhys, my husband started putting Rhys to bed and will not give it up for anything. They both love that special time together. I do miss it, but I have all that time with Rhys during the day, so I guess it's fair.