Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another reason to hate Halloween

Approx. 8 or 9 year old Kid in ugly old costume: Hey! I want from THAT bucket!
Me: This one is for the little kids. It's just teddy grahams and fruit snacks. You'll probably prefer the big kid candy.
Kid: I want from BOTH!
Me: You're a big kid, I think you'll prefer what I gave you. This buckets for the babies.
Kid: NO! (Reaching for the bucket in my other hand) I want from BOTH!
Mother of kid (who is dressed as a witch): (lamely) Don't be that way.
Me: (getting angry and not sure what to do) Well this one's really for the babies...
Mom: (dragging kid away now) Come on.
The kid screams, whines, kicks and cry's all the way across our lawn!!!!

May I say again...what kind of world do we live in where kids think they are entitled to EVERYTHING? Especially from complete strangers!?

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nutmeg said...

I got a few of them myself. My beef is the older kids with the only costume being a stupid mask or a hat. I give them tooth brushes.