Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What's in a name?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...but it wouldn't sound so nice if it were named "Sharp thorned thing". I recently read this post over at Jodifur and was absolutely astounded! Who in the WORLD hires a Baby Name consultant? Now I don't want to steal Jodi's post but I do want to write about this as well because 1) it's just crazy and 2) I've been tinkering with this topic for awhile myself.

Ok...obviously some people are desperate and maybe should have searched for one of these "Highly Professional"'s. After all, with names like Scout, Rumour, and Apple adorning the press there are obviously some parents buying very bad baby name books. But a consultant? Seriously?

This got me thinking about a train of thought I've been on for awhile now. Since many of my friends are currently pregnant I've been trying to guess the names of their little gestation's. (I've had one name predicting dream so far and...in a freaky twist...it was actually one of their top names! Baby has not been born yet so I don't know if I was right) It's also got me thinking about the fun bonding we had over baby naming.

So in order to help out my friends, free of charge (Look at that! You don't even need to pay a professional) I thought I'd leave a few of my favourites, to help you get started. To all my readers, (yes this includes you lurkers who I KNOW are reading but never respond) please write your children's names, the meanings, and why you chose it, in the comments section as well. Or just write a few fave's. With our help hopefully my friends can come up with more meaningful names than "Nod".

Aubeny: Meaning: We prayed for her and we got her.

Arabella: Meaning: Beautiful Star.

Alliana: Meaning: My God has answered me.

Cassiopia: Meaning: Clever. The wife of an Ethiopian King.

Isabella: Meaning: Consecrated to God

Janaya: God is gracious

Kalasia: Meaning: Graceful

Kamaria: Meaning: Moonlight

Odelia: Meaning: I will praise God

Shahla: Meaning: Beautiful eyes

Talia: Meaning: Dew from Heaven

Ok...I'm not including boys names because well...there are so few I found that I loved and if I include them you just might steal them before we have a boy. As it is you'll probably pick our second girls name.....

Oh well. Happy hunting! And in case you pick a name off this post....I could use a new pair of shoes.....


LeRoy, Faith, and Brooklyn said...

I love the name Janaya. I've never heard that one. Our little girl is Brooklyn Jade. It means sophisticated and adoring. We picked it because we just loved how it flowed together. We are looking for some names as our second baby is on his/her way.

Dallas & Tara Wiebe said...

Our son's name is Carter Isaiah. Carter means "insightful" and Isaiah means "God saves". We choose it because...I'm not sure...we just liked it!

Emily said...

My husband and I have never agreed on boys names...so it's convenient that we had 3 girls. They all three happen to have to do with trees (which we didn't realize 'til we were looking for the third name) and their middle names all start with K :) (Kate, Kimberlyn, and Katelyn)

My favorite boy name is Liam True. The only boy name my husband and I agreed on was Joel. Someone should use them! :)

Damselfly said...

Ooh, I love Aubeny.

When I was expecting, we didn't find out Flybaby's sex, so my husband and I picked boys' and girls' names we liked. (We just didn't know which ones we would pick, or which ones would be first or middle.) The girl names were so hard to decide on. One of my favorites was Araceli, which is Spanish and means something like "altar of heaven." Well, one day around 8 months pregnant I was at the supermarket and the cashier clearly was a native Spanish speaker. I told her I liked the name Araceli and she didn't even know what I was saying.... I guess it helps if you can pronounce it correctly! So that's when I tossed that name out. I still like it, but now I know I can't ever name someone that if I can't pronounce it the way it should be!

B'sMommy said...

We named our little guy Brycen Hunter. Brycen means "son of brice" so the meaning def. wasn't why we chose it. I had seen it in a church bulletin when I was about 15 and just always loved it! I'm a name lover. I love thinking about names so this post was awesome for me! lol. Hunter (his middle name) kind of has a few reasons why we chose it. 1. my husband is an avid hunter, 2. my bestest guy friends' name and he was at the hospital when he was born, and 3. it just sounded good!
If he was a girl he was going to be Kenley Grace. (I still like that name but we're not going to use Kenley so someone should snatch that up!)
My newphew's name is Jayce... I really love this name as well!

Jodi said...

Thanks for the shot out!

And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks this insane.