Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sparkle Fairy

The other day as I prepared for our local play group I noticed a surprising trail of sparkles sprinkled throughout the house. Hot pink glittering dots dancing their way across the hardwood and hanging out on our hands and clothes.

"Strange." I thought. But continued on with the care and preparation for the morning.

Later at the play group I noticed a smattering of sparkles spread across my leg. A few also adorned Little Lady's lovely cheeks. I smiled because they actually looked quite cute on her pink posy cheeks and matched her pretty outfit quite perfectly. However, sparkles are not so stylish all over her mother.

When we went home later that day I became intrigued after noticing another swipe of sparkle covering both our outfits.

"What in the world did I touch? Where has Little Lady been playing to accumulate all these sparkles?"

As I swept the floor I saw a growing mound of flashy hot pink sparkles twinkling and taunting me from the dust pile. I am now racking my brain in wonder..."Where did these things come from?" I decide it must be some sort of sparkle fairy filling my life with a little pink sunshine. After all, the world is looking especially sweet today...maybe the sparkles are just a little extra splash of happiness to show me the world is alright. I smile at this thought.

Then I go to change out of my shorts. As I slip them off I see my thighs are especially coated in candy coloured dazzling dots. "What in the world?!"

And then I see them. My new Victoria Secret "I'm-a-non-day-nursing-mom-I-can-now-wear-normal-underwear-again-in-sexy-matching-sets" panties. Yup that's right. My sexy underwear had been sending discreet messages to the world all day. "Here I am...see me sparkle?" Needless to say I will not be wearing that particular pair out anytime soon.

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rebecca said...

oh my...that is too funny.