Thursday, August 23, 2007

Smarty Pants

The other day at supper I had placed peas and carrots in a bowl for Little Lady. She hates peas and it's a process to make her eat them. That's why I combine them with carrots and usually she'll snack on the peas as well that way. As usual she promptly plucked the bowl off her tray (even with the savvy stay put suction cups) and proceeded to pour the contents all over her table. I ignored her at first since although it isn't my least this way she eats. Prince Charming and I got lost in conversation when all of a sudden I looked over at Little Lady and was shocked at what I saw. She was painstakingly picking the carrots out of the peas and placing them back in the bowl! Her little fingers sorted through the veggies and very carefully plucked out the carrots. After her bowl was almost overflowing with orange she ate all her carrots! I couldn't believe it. She's not even a year and yet she was picky enough to know those peas were there and she didn't want them to close to her carrots! What a picky little smarty pants!

How will I ever trick a kid who can already sort things by shape and colour? I'll have a hard time sneaking anything by this one.


Guinevere Meadow said...

It's amazing what these kids can do!

Diane Kroeker said...

I've never seen Karen sort her food but she also believes that peas are evil and will squish every pea on her tray/bowl before she thinks about any other food.