Monday, August 13, 2007

Medical field how I loathe thee...

I have been feeling under the weather for the past week and a half or so. At first I attributed it to allergies. August is always my dreaded month as far as the annoying illness goes. I sniffle and sneeze and sometimes end up in the hospital after asthma attacks. This month began with more of the same until I started feeling strange in other ways as well. Dizzy, achy, and dead on my feet. I constantly felt chilled and lost most of my appetite. Then last Wednesday I woke up with a spotty rash across my stomach. Initially I thought my daughter had scratched me while she nursed, which wouldn't be at all unusual. However, this weekend the rash spread like wild fire across my chest, arms, back, hands, legs, and feet. By yesterday I looked like I had chicken pox, although they don't itch. Realizing that scratches don't spread I began to wonder what else was going on inside my body. My husband insisted on taking me to see a walk in doctor because he was alarmed by my bright red tattoos. I tried to tell him it would be a waste. I tried to tell him that doctors, especially walk in ones, know nothing. Alas...he rarely listens to me.

So we drive half an hour to the nearest novocaine prison and we wait and we wait and when we finally see the walk in Dr. she simply looks at me for half a second and says, "Might be an allergic reaction. Take some Benadryl." I am allergic to Benadryl but I don't bother to mention this. I tell her I am familiar with allergic reactions having had many and this doesn't seem anything like any I've ever had. In fact I am quite sure it's some kind of virus. She basically shrugs. "Wait another week and then go see another doctor if it's not better, or sooner if the rash spreads." Uh huh...and where exactly will this rash SPREAD considering it's already ALL OVER MY BODY!? So we leave and I try not to say "I told you so" to my sweet husband who I know was just trying to take care of me and I stew all the way home because now I not only feel sick but I feel stupid since apparently nothing is really wrong. Uggghhh! How I despise doctors.

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