Thursday, August 30, 2007

A little perspective

A year ago today, at this exact time, I was in the middle of the most excruciating pain of my life. I was at the part of labour that seems to last forever. Wanting to push but having to pant. I swear the pressure and pain of that is enough to make you wish your husband was sterile. (not meaning to scare any first timers out there). I remember the nurse telling me (and this was after I had already been in intense labour for 26 1/2 hours) that as soon as I felt like I was going to would be over. At that point I thought "I already feel like I'm going to die. How can it possibly get worse?" And then it did...and just as the nurse predicted...just when I felt about to pass out...out she popped. 28 hours (after nine monhs) of pain exchanged for pure joy. I told my husband anyone who did this twice must be insane. The nurse laughed. She figured I'd still be back.

And once again she may be right. No I am not pregnant again and neither am I planning on popping another one out anytime soon. But sitting here on the eve of my daughters first birthday, party prep finished, enjoying a few moments of peace before bed time...I have a new perspective on the whole pregnancy/labour drama. Those hourse, days, months of pregnancy and labour are by far the most miserable and painful moments in my life. But look at what I have to show for it only a year later. A bubbly, beautiful, baby girl who holds up her finger when you ask how old she'll be and giggles and claps when you tell her happy birthday. I have cuddles and kisses and an excuse to plan a really cute party. They say that love makes people do crazy perhaps those who tackle the daunting delivery room more than once are not insane...they're simply in love.


Stephanie said...

I think about my own birth experience in a similar light. What an irony it is that the most horrible pain brings the greatest joy.

Even stranger is the fact that so many women choose to do it again and again. I'm sure I will (despite the pain). The whole experience was nothing short of miraculous.

Erika said...

I dread it, the count down to the baby is so bittersweet.