Monday, July 23, 2007

Quirky and cute accomplishments

Little Lady has been growing even faster than our grass this summer (Which seems to sprout up so soon after mowing you may as well not have bothered). A month ago she had to stand on her tip toes to see inside her toy box, now she easily sorts through it at eye level. In the past few weeks she's had many cute moments I wish I could have caught on camera. Instead I'll try to remember them and capture them here.

1) On a walk with her best baby boy friend and his mommy Little Lady and him held hands across their strollers! Every time we would walk further apart they would lean over the edge and stretch their stubby little arms towards each other, then as soon as they were close enough they'd hold on to each other and smile. It was so sweet! Later that same day Little Lady conked out in her stroller slouching forward over the restraining bar, head in her hands. Adorable.

2) One day last week Little Lady got a hold of a few pieces of toilet paper. By the time I realized what she was doing she had torn it to shreds and was starting to snack. I took it all away and told her we don't eat toilet paper. Immediately she burst into tears as if I had hurt her feelings. I went back to what I was doing, having my back to her, when I heard her say "Mamma!" I turned to see her holding out a piece of tissue towards me that I'd missed! The look on her face was a very clear "I'm sorry about before, is this better?" kind of look. I was really amazed how much she obviously understands.

3) Last week Little Lady also started showing us when she needs to go to the bathroom! She's still not 100% consistent but she's pretty close. She's not so much on the pee but very accurate on the poop. One day she was playing and suddenly leaned over to look for me. She looked me in the eyes after getting my attention, started pulling on her diaper, and making this specific sound. At first I wasn't sure that's actually what she was telling me. I checked her diaper to see if she had already done anything and she hadn't so I just left her there. Less than a minute later she had dirtied her diaper! After that she started doing it really regularly so we're thinking we'll get a toddler toilet and try it out. I can't believe she's that aware at only 10 1/2 months!

4) Little Lady can now motor around almost anything. If she can't get there by stepping she'll scoot on her bum. She opens drawers, doors, and anything she can get her hands on. She'll rummage through til she finds something really worth her while like a pair of headphones or a bottle of nail polish. She can walk around quite well in the bathroom since there is always something near by to grab, and so often she un rolls the toilet paper.

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Dena said...

So cute! I love how you write about little lady.. Thanks for visiting my blog.. Im fairly new, so my writing is a little blah just yet.... But I'll be reading more of yours !!!