Friday, June 8, 2007

Automatic Alarm Clock

I am not a morning person. I have never really been a morning person. When my husbands popular science magazine ran an article on modern gizmo alarm clocks I took note. When I was in high school I had my alarm clock across the room in hopes that the process of having to actually move from a reclined position to punch the alarm would leave me awake. (It didn't work all that well. I would simply stretch my sleepy self from the end of my bed to the alarm clock, practically falling on the floor, then happily snuggle up for another seven minute snooze). In college my alarm blarred rap music so loud that not only I but also anyone left lying down in dorm would sit bolt upright in bed. (Thankfully most people, including my roomate, were up before me so I avoided angry throngs). At our weding my husband was warned of my habits and told to "live and let lie." My college roomate offered her helpful advice acquired from many mornings of facing my wrath, "Give her time to get her make-up on before you say good morning."

My husband says he hasn't really noticed my need for morning sleep, at least not to the extent he was expecting. Maybe I have matured and am better able to mask my morning madness. However, I still detest mornings until I am showered and dressed. Dragging myself out of bed before eight still seems evil if not impossible.

When I was pregnant I probably could have napped til noon everyday. Thinking I would be more productive if I coulf push myself out from under the covers earlier I started investigating these "amazing" new alarm clocks. There was one who's snooze button was a puzzle that blew into pieces you had to put back together to push. One that would hop off your side table and hide while it rang. Another actually flew around the room until you caught it (and if it had been my alarm clock, seriously altered it so it would never fly again!)

Well thank goodness I didn't waste my money! I found one far louder thany any alarm they sell in stores. She's also more convincing and goes better with my decor. Since installing her in our home I haven't slept in past six! Meet Little Lady the alarm clock!

So for all you night owls who never seem to be able to get out of bed...just get yourself a baby. The buzz is way better. Maybe you'll even catch the sunrise!

A picture of my amazing alarm

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Evan and Mel said...

I love reading your blog. It never ceases to entertain me. I have recently updated our blog and there is a recent picture of our kids. Have a great day