Thursday, May 31, 2007

When the sky's look dreary

This has been a rough week for me. It's literally rained every day and my daughter has had a terrible stomach flu. There is only so many times you can be puked and pooped on before you reach a breaking point and I've reached that multiple times this week. It's those times that it helps to focus on the sweet moments. In the beginning when I would have a bad day or a nasty night after Little Lady was born I would close my eyes and focus on the first moment I held her in my arms. Remembering that feeling would get me through. After awhile I would picture her first smile and now I have a million special moments. So in an effort to brighten this week, and for all of you needing a reminder of the joys of are just a few:
Reasons why I love to be a mom
1) The milky sweet smell of my baby's breath. I finally realized why they named a flower after it and suddenly it is the most beautiful flower in the world....
2) When I open the dishwasher I smile. Sure there are aprroximately a million more dishes to do than before but when I open the dishwasher and see a rainbow of dishware I can't help but feel happy. I mean, who can look at pictures of Cinderella spoon beside a sesame street set and not smile?

3) Passionate baby kisses. Nobody kisses with more enthusiasm then a baby giving her mommy a great big kiss. (Okay...a really turned on husband can on occasion kiss with that kind of passion too....but it's a little less wet (Thankfully)) If it were anyone else you would probably scream at them for slobbering all that saliva...but somehow when it's your baby displaying such open hearted emotion for can't help but melt.

4) The sight, smell, and feeling of my baby fresh out of the bath. Smelling all sweet like lavendar with warm rosy cheeks. Heart stopping. (On a side note, I used to think naked baby pics were wierd but I now totally get them (only the good kind, not the perverted)

5) When I walk into a room somebody actually jumps out of their seat with a huge smile to come to me.

6) Seeing things through a babies eyes. Suddenly a toilet paper tube is the most fascinating thing on earth!

7) Giggles. In Peter Pan they say that every time a child laughs a fairy is born...I believe it. It's like a shot of extacy right to your heart.

8) The way she snuggles against my chest every few minutes when I'm holding her or reaches back to touch my hand when she is playing. Just to make sure I'm still there.

9) I now have legitimate reason to roam around Toys R Us! It rocks! Along the same lines, I also have legitimate reasons for watching Mary Kate and Ashley movies as well as reading all the Dr. Seuss and Robert munch I want!

10) Sparkling eyes, toothless smiles, and watching her personality develop. When you watch a baby grow you know there has to be a God out there. There is no other way something that intricate, such a beautiful work of art, could come into existence without the work of an equisite artist.

Hope this brightens your day as much as it did mine!

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Drea said...

Hi Carissa!
I wanted to email you a reply to your comment.. but couldnt find an email anywhere.. so im commenting. Sorry I cant reply to the post this is under. Im in a hurry! :-)

Heres the reply-

There are some VERY strong willed children out there. I was one of them and so was my husbands sister. It didnt matter how much we got spanked we tended to be on the hard side :-) which is just how we were... wasnt the parents fault.

Im sure the mother was tired... and ive been in her shoes before with Caleb being mean to other kids (when he was like 1 1\2, he had an issue with pulling on kids!).. and it was so annoying having moms give me hard looks.

I didnt look at this woman that way though. I passed by very quickly :-) and didnt look at her odd. I mostly saw her from behind.

I hate it for her though.. cause that would not be fun to do...

email me ( I got some great slings you could look into.. and their not expensive!! Im very small 5 foot 2 and around 110lbs.. so I can relate to having slings to big. But the one I use is perfect for me!
you can keep the convo going by commenting back under my site. THANKS. :-) your adorable btw.